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As we approach March 31 and the first anniversary of the end of How I Met Your Mother, at Revius we offer our list of must-see chapters in the series. Like any list, you can agree with our choice, or strongly disagree. We read your choices.

One of the first great chapters of the series and, without considering the double chapter that ended HIMYM, the chapter with the highest audience of the nine seasons. True to form, Ted finds himself over-analyzing his “relationship” (which is not relationship) with Robin, which obviously leaves the rest of the band exhausted. However, in one of those few outbursts, Ted decides to follow Barney’s advice and stops, for one night, thinking about everything he does, the result? Multiple shots of alcohol, humiliating karaoke, a sprained ankle, one of those hangovers, a stranger in his bed … and a pineapple on his nightstand. The Pineapple Incident is, perhaps, one of the chapters that brilliantly synthesizes one of the essences of the series, being able to reassemble a story from small details and thus give us great moments, in this case, to resolve who is the unknown woman. And about the pineapple, did you hear anything? Although it did not go on air, the definitive solution to the presence of the mysterious pineapple came to us in a deleted scene from the ninth season. Damn it, Trudy! What about the pineapple?

2 words: Robin Sparkles. But in addition to knowing Robin’s famous hidden secret that caused his aversion to shopping centers – and after theories by Marshall and Barney, about whether Robin’s hidden past involved a secret husband, or a period doing porn – , “Slap Bet” was responsible for gifting us with several of the best running jokes in the series, not just Robin’s Canadian teen pop star past, but also the famous bet that gives the chapter its title (and the various occasions Marshall would deal the slaps to Barney in the following seasons). This chapter – considered by many to be the best of the series, and that crowns a great trilogy of episodes of the second season – is also a testament to the best time of the series, when the risks of possible cancellation led its production to take risks and innovate in terms of storytelling and humor, rooted in those simpler times for good old Ted Mosby and his eternal search for the love of his life (and the conclusion of the story he told his children).