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Sometimes I wonder what happened, so many baby showers that I went to, so many hospitals that I visited new members of other families, and today all those people seem to have forgotten that I was present. Seeing that at least in my country celebrations such as baby showers are so common, it is so easy to see girls, celebrating their friend who will soon have his baby, even if it is one or two friends who are there. Well, I have nothing, not a love, not a concern, no one to call me to know how I am, no one who has been happy for me and my baby. I am a mother who will be alone, who from the first day did not have anyone to call to say “I am pregnant” and who will not have hospital visitors, who will not receive help or support from friends and who will not have anyone to lend her a hand or shoulder to tell you how frustrated you are. I’m the mom who bought everything for her son because no one offered him anything, not even a paltry pantyhose.

I’m a lonely mom who writes this at almost 2 in the morning because she has no one to call to tell her. It has always been difficult for me to accept this situation, but as I was saying, sometimes you can play dumb and like nothing has happened, and other times reality hits you in the face and it has hit me for almost 9 months.

Hello Pili. I’m sorry to read this and I’m not the person with the most social life in the world, nor do I know much about motherhood (I’m a newcomer and I’m still 16 weeks old). It depends on where you live, but there are hangout apps, workshops, parenting groups, etc. Likewise with your little one you start new friendships for breastfeeding, park and games. I also advise you psychotherapy, it never hurts to see if we have cognitive distortions (thoughts that do not adjust to reality), learn relaxation techniques, know our emotions, techniques to improve self-esteem, etc. There is even online psychology. Perhaps with your little one you start a new life much more complete.

Hello Pili, I do not know where you live but you do not have to suffer this stage alone since there are several of us who follow this blog. We can help you not feel so alone, sometimes the closest friends disappear when we need them most and it is time to make new friends.